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Aviation // Exterior Cleaners

CLEAN+ Exterior Cleaner Concentrate [CH511C]
Exterior Cleaner Concentrate
  • Super concentrated formula
  • Wet or Dry Wash Cleaner
  • Conforms to both Boeing and Airbus approvals
  • For use on all metal and painted exterior surfaces
  • Removes carbon and exhaust deposits
  • Non-streaking, non-staining, non-flammable


CLEAN+ Exterior Cleaner Concentrate [CH511C] is an alkaline, water-based, highly concentrated compound designed to effectively clean and degrease painted and unpainted aircraft exterior surfaces, when diluted with water or water-miscible solvents. Can be used for wet or dry wash applications.

CLEAN+ Exterior Cleaner Concentrate [CH511C] is super concentrated for economy, storage, and shipping. Use at double the dilution rate to regular aircraft cleaners. For use on all metal and painted exterior surfaces, landing gear, wheel-wells, flaps, etc. Removes carbon and exhaust deposits, petroleum and synthetic oil deposits, grease, dirt, and grime. Non-streaking, non-staining, non-flammable, non-crazing to plexiglass.


• BOEING D6-17487

• BOEING D6-7127

• AMS 1526C

• AMS 1550B

• Douglas CSD

Ordering Info

Part NumberSizesCase Pack
2525/42/AMS 1 Gallon 4
2525/51/AMS 5 Gallon 1
2525/64/AMS 55 Gallon 1