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Aviation // CLEAN+ Lavatory

CLEAN+ Pipe and Tank Cleaner (UNBLOCK-S)
Lavatory pipe and tank cleaner
  • Safely and effectively removes scale from aircraft toilet systems with a biodegradable, fast-acting formula through periodic flushing
  • Ideal for eliminating substantial scale deposits and preventing scale build-up
  • The thickened formulation enhances its ability to cling to vertical surfaces
  • Safe on polycarbonate, rubber, sealant, tape, as well as most plastics and paints
  • Active: Sulphamic Acid


During typical daily aircraft operations, toilets accumulate solid and liquid waste, resulting in the formulation of limescale, calcium and other deposits within the system. CLEAN+ Pipe and Tank Cleaner (UNBLOCK-S) has been expertly crafted to address these accumulations and aid in the upkeep of a fully operational toilet system, thereby substantially diminishing the risk of Aircraft on Ground (AOG) incidents caused by waste line blockages.


•AMS 1640B

•BSS 7432

Ordering Info

Part NumberSizesCase Pack
5120/42/AMS 1 Gallon 4