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Aviation // Fresh + Clean

Fresh + Clean Air Freshener
Aircraft & Commercial Air Freshener
  • Non-flammable –safe to use in aircraft
  • Non-toxic and non-corrosive formulation
  • Available in a range of regionally inspired fragrances


Fresh+Clean Air Freshener is an effective air freshener, specially formulated for aircraft lavatories, cabin interiors, and other sensitive commercial spaces. Formulated for easy in-flight use by cabin crew and by line maintenance personnel. Fresh+Clean Air Freshener can be used as an air spray or surface spray to clean counter tops and to leave a refreshing fragrance. Callington's Fresh+Clean Air Freshener is non-flammable, non-toxic and non-corrosive for safe use in all areas of the aircraft.


• Airbus AIMS 09-00-002
• BOEING D6-7127
• BOEING D6-17487
• AMS 1550B

Ordering Info

Part NumberSizesCase Pack
4951/150/US Lemon Citrus - (150mL) 24
4951/500/US Lemon Citrus Trigger Spray - (500mL) 12
4951/150/US/LT Lemon Citrus Light - (150mL) 24
4951/500/US/LT Lemon Citrus Light - (500mL) 12
4887E/150/US Dreamline - (150mL) 24
4887E/500/US Dreamline - (500mL) 12
4887D/150/US Cotton Flower - (150mL) 24
4887D/500/US Cotton Flower - (500mL) 12
4956/150/US Norwegian Spa - (150mL) 24