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Aviation // Cal-Sumables

Toilet Paper: Heavenly Choice Double Layer
Double Layer Bathroom Tissue
  • Technology limits separation of plies and tissue tears for a more pleasant experience
  • Ideal for areas that require a little extra comfort and quality. Plies:2Embossing: Crossing Pad


Double Layer bathroom tissue offers the softness of two-ply product with the affordability of a one-ply product. This toilet paper product is designed to solve problems typical of establishments that see a high influx of people and limited storage space available. Best item for space-savings and cost-savings. Ideal for commercial and high-traffic restrooms.

Ordering Info

Part NumberSizesCase Pack
9011/500/US Individual Roll - (96 Rolls of 500 Sheets/Case) 96
9011/850/US Individual Roll - (96 Rolls of 850 Sheets/Case) 96