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Aviation // Exterior Cleaners

CLEAN+ Heavy-Duty Exterior Dry Wash [CH8000]
Heavy-Duty Exterior Dry Wash
  • No water necessary to clean the aircraft
  • Excellent cleaning and degreasing with no dust
  • No paint dulling, does not contain abrasives
  • Easy application by spraying, brushing, or wiping
  • Clings to the surface for maximum cleaning
  • High gloss with no streaking
  • Short dwell-time and minimal agitation requirements
  • Tested and approved according to international aviation standards
  • Contains no ammonia or phosphates


CLEAN+ Heavy Duty Exterior Dry Wash [CH8000] is a unique dry wash heavy-duty cleaner, based on an emulsifiable solvent and biodegradable surfactant system, especially formulated for use on all exterior aircraft surfaces. CH8000 will break and remove heavy oil and smoke trail deposits associated with the landing gear and engine exhaust areas of aircraft. The waterless cleaning method is safe to use while maintenance is performed at the same time, reducing maintenance downtime and turnaround time. Surfaces are left clean, shiny, and glossy.


• BOEING D6-17487

• AMS 1526C

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Part NumberSizesCase Pack
2515/42/AMS 1 Gallon 4